About US

Building your brand…

That’s our prime objective. Whatever you need done to add value to your brand we’re here for. From the design stage, to ideas for scaling your business; we have a dedicated team ready to work towards building your brand and business.

At TIC, we leverage on three main things:




the talent of individuals in various areas. From Copywriting to video production; talent for us is the catalyst that brings these ideas to life.


We’re constantly working on new ways to implement our ideas, and new ideas that would fit your business goals and strategies. We make sure we’re a step ahead to meet your business needs.


We breath it! Making your brand pop-out and to your potential customers through and through is what we’re passionate about. Our creative juices start flowing from the onset of our initial conversations through to the execution of our ideas.

“The strength of brand loyalty begins with how your product makes people feel.”Jay Samit

our Work

Our current projects cut across the scope of entertainment & media, as well as food and beverage. working with clients like Eddie’s Pizza, aftown music & DGN on their digital integration, marketing and content development.